HERVÉ GAGNON has been devoted to writing for more than fifteen years and is recognized as a specialist in the esoteric thriller genre. Notably, he published the 4 volume series Damné and Vengeance, comprised of 2 volumes with the Québec publisher, Hurtubise. In French, it was Hugo Roman, Pocket and France Loisirs who propelled him into the Hexagon. Hervé Gagnon holds a doctorate in history and a master's degree in museology, the study of museums. He has taught at several universities, as well as, established a career in the field of heritage management and development. He was born in 1963 in Chicoutimi, Canada and now lives in the Eastern Townships, just south of Montreal.

Last September, Hervé Gagnon published his first contemporary thriller, Chemin de croix with Libre Expression; receiving rave reviews. He also signed the historical thriller series Maléfica (3 volumes), as well as, his first incursion into a historical thriller Enquêtes de Joseph Laflamme (5 published volumes) with Expression noire, a label of Montreal's publishing house, Libre Expression.  In fact, the first crime novel in this series, Jack, has been a finalist for many prestigious awards, in the thriller genre: Tenebris Prize 2015, Arthur-Ellis Prize 2015, “Best French thriller” category in Canada, finalist for Jeremiah for the Saint-Pacôme Prize for the detective novel category for 2015, Maria won the Roman of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Book Fair Prize 2015. With Jack, GAGNON won the Saint-Pancôme Prize 2014, for first thriller, and the Saint-Pancôme Prize 2014 for the detective novel category.

Hervé Gagnon has also published young adult literature, including Le Talisman de Nergal, with the publisher, Hurtubise, as well as, Cap-aux-Esprits, best-seller of the publishing house Vents d'Ouest in Outaouais.

Hervé Gagnon, auteur


Polar / thriller
Release September 2017
Libre Expression (Quebec)
376 pages

Available for foreign rights

Patrick Kelly is a private investigator without ambition. For the past ten years, he has been content with running his small detective agency; investigating cheating husbands, disability and insurance fraud, spin doctors, fathers with delinquent child support payment history, employment background checks, political affiliations and associations, homosexuals and the closet transvestite. As long as he has his teenage daughter Rosalie, his guitar, his blues music and his whiskey, he is satisfied. His life changes forever, the day Claire Black, a nun in her thirties, visits him and requests his help with an unusual case: locate an old crucifix that was used to invoke The Devil in Ville-Marie in 1742, and was stolen from the convent of the religious community to which Mgr. de Pontbriand had entrusted it for perpetual expiation. The investigation, which initially appears simple and without much hope for success, quickly escapes Kelly, finding himself on the trail of Satanists who leave in their wake, young runaway girls; victims of their black mass. All the while, the police are called to various churches in Montreal where they have found bodies, skinned alive.

Before he knows it, Kelly finds himself in the middle of a plot to make him pay dearly for a tragic mistake made many years ago.

Press review (in French)

France : Boojum.fr par Patrick de Friberg — Norbert Spehner le détectionnaire et les tailleurs de mots « Dans mon cas, mes seuls auteurs fétiches, si je puis dire, seraient Bram Stoker... et dans le polar, Philip Kerr.. Dans les contemporains, je conseillerais sans hésiter Michael Connelly..., R. J. Ellory, les premiers romans de Dennis Lehane, la série Dave Robichaux de James Lee Burke ou Ian Manook. Quelques Scandinaves comme Henning Mankell, Jo Nesbo ou Arnaldur Indridason... Liste que je compléterais avec quelques auteurs québécois comme Hervé Gagnon, Mario Bolduc, Marie-Ève Bourassa, Jean-Jacques Pelletier, Martin Michaud ou André Jacques.»

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Journal de Québec —« Hervé Gagnon est extrêmement efficace dans cette histoire contemporaine qui trouve quand même un écho dans notre passé.»
La Tribune — Se libérer en partie de l'histoire
Le Devoir — «Patrick Kelly est un personnage plus complexe... et Gagnon — qui sait raconter des histoires impossibles — peut se permettre avec lui un regard beaucoup plus actuel et beaucoup plus critique sur le monde dans lequel son héros est impliqué.»
La Presse +, Le meilleur du polar par Norbert Sphener — «... le passé explose à la face du détective. Le lecteur en sort un peu ébranlé ! »
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